DIY Acapellas

These are DIY acapellas I have created of kemono friends music.

Broken link = acapella not yet created using any current method before 2022-12-30.

Acapellas with lossy sources will still be exported as FLAC to avoid further generation loss.


Process: Here!

These ones are the best quality, however they are still split into groups depending on whether they used lossy or lossless sources. "Lossy" will refer to 320kbps 44khz MP3 unless stated otherwise. Limited range of acapellas since only a few songs have released acapellas, and are only available on limited edition CDs that have not yet been ripped. I had my friend actually buy Fre! Fre! Best Friends Limited Edition A for me as a christmas gift because it was the only way to find the off vocal for Fun Fun Melody. As a rule, all acapellas are time-aligned to the off-vocal track during the speed fixing step.


WANTED (aka to buy list)

Most Wanted (Not even a lossy off vocal is in my possession)

Least Wanted (I have the sources in lossy formats, but would like them in FLAC)


Ezogaming has both on vocal and off vocal tracks in 16-bit 44khz FLAC.

Lossless + Lossy

Special cases where EzoGaming only has lossless tracks in partial.


EzoGaming only has lossy tracks.


Lower quality, done by lining up sections of song, running audacity center isolation with both left channels/right channels as their own stereo tracks, removing "similar vocal" residue with AI, inverting with original, and removing leftover instrumental with AI.

Music Root